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You have just entered the site of the premier sports handicapping group in Las Vegas, NV!!!

In doing so, you have introduced yourself to a solid sports' information service. We have been professional sports gamblers here in Las Vegas since 1995. Prior to that we were "beating our books" back in Chicago. We handicap the 4 major sports: football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. We handicap both sides and totals. Our goal here at CASHTHETICKET.COM is simple - PICK GAMES THAT WE SEE AN EDGE TO HELP YOU WIN MONEY!!! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

Differences from the other sports handicappers and services.
Here at we follow a strategy different from most sports handicappers and services. Most sports handicappers will tout a game they like and rate the play from 1-5, or 1 star thru 5 star, or a silver play, gold play, etc. While we do believe in betting different units on certain games, we don't follow the normal handicappers systems. The bottom line is this: When we handicap a game, we will come up with the side or total that we feel has the greatest potential to win. After all the handicapping is done we have our plays. When we place our bet at the sportsbooks here in Las Vegas we don't say "this is a 2 star play so I'll bet this". We go to the window looking to place the wager and cash the ticket in a couple of hours. Simple. We will, however, at times make "strong" recommendations on a certain play and this is where we recommend maximizing your play. We will explain this in our FAQ.


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